Team Need4Sheed Podcast – Who’s Better off with AI

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Need4Sheed Podcast “Who’s Better off with Allen Iverson?” We know Rip is having his problems, but will the current players flourish or falter with Iverson on their side. Bennie and Jeff break it down player by player on this week’s Team Need4Sheed Podcast with  Bennie and Jeff.

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Team Need4Sheed Podcast – Who’s better off with AI?

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2 Responses to "Team Need4Sheed Podcast – Who’s Better off with AI"
  1. Rip says:

    Dude, you know you’ve made it when opposing team fans smell your neck in the crowd.

  2. altan says:

    lmfao good find Rip hah tht was funny
    cant wait for tmrws game at home havent had one in ages

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