Team Need4Sheed Podcast – Bye Bye Billups – Hello Iverson

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Need4Sheed PodcastWho would have thought our first podcast of the season would be like this. Bennie and Jeff talk about the Big Trade and give us a big tribute to close the cast.

Don’t forget you can e-mail Bennie and Jeff at or as always you can leave them your thoughts in the comments.

Team Need4Sheed Podcast – Bye Bye Billups

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10 Responses to "Team Need4Sheed Podcast – Bye Bye Billups – Hello Iverson"
  1. Mannie32 says:

    sad to see billups gone… and word is mcdyess won’t be bought out by denver after all


    i hope AI can prove he is The Answer… but even if they win a title, it’ll be bittersweet without Billups

    we proved in 04 u could win a ship without a superstar, we’ve given up on trying to do that again

  2. Richie says:

    I agree with Mannie, also the tribute at the end of this podcast was fantastic!

  3. Ziggity says:

    part of the motivation for the trade is for Stuckey to learn from Iverson. Here’s a great interview with Michael Curry.

  4. Richie says:

    I also wanted to comment on the game that actualy took place tonight. I applaud the team for dodging a let down after suffering such a large emotional loss before entering a road game. More big props to Curry for continuing what I’d call managing this team to perfection. Everyone on the team not only played but scored tonight! Everyone played under 30 minutes, nobody scored over 19 points. It’s perfect, as long as they come up with a W. There have been plenty of blowouts in the last several years but never was the coach bold/savy enough to empty the entire bench throughout the game. I love they balance he brings to this deep and talented team. I’m interested to see what he’ll do with A.I.

  5. cedric dave says:

    no mr.bigshot. no championship..

  6. Jop says:

    I really do not understand this trade, we are trading a winner player MVP of 2004 finals for a loser like Iverson. I am really really disappointed, Dumars what are you doing????

  7. xchungfoox says:

    I will miss billups but AI could be good as long as he learns to be a team player and learns to chill out the attitude and if they buy lebron james in 2010 well that could be a championship for sure

  8. The Fluidics says:

    You guys are talking about the 2004 finals like it ws last thursday. THings change, that was 5 years ago. And if you asked 100 people who was a better player, Iverson or Billups, 90 would say AI, 6 would say Chauncey, 4 wouldn’t even kow who Billups is.

    I liked him just as much as anybody, but don’t be overly dramatic, this is the nature of the business.

  9. KG says:

    I wish you guys would give AI a chance to actually play before you start judging and going crazy on him… As for Chauncey thank you soo much for the great years here in the D you’ll never be forgotten and I agree with Bennie and Jeff, Chauncey should retire as a piston (not actually a pistons necessarily) and have his number put up for all he’s done for us.

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