Sheed, always the giver passes out some priceless Undrcrwn T-Shirts of Obama dunking over McCain to his teammates during Fridays practice. New Teammate Allen Iverson donned his on the way to the Izod Arena.

Iverson Undercrown Video

Obama Undercrown Video

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8 Responses to Sheed hands out Obama Undrcrwn T-Shirts to his Teammates

  1. Steve M says:

    I just heard on ESPN that McDyess has reached an agreement with the Nuggets and will be able to come back to the Pistons. The commentators said McDyess has 18 teams interested in him. I have faith he’ll make the right choice!
    -Steve M.

  2. Set Free says:

    What a great look by Roscoe thanx for the love. Ho fam

  3. Rip's New Beard says:

    I actually have the same shirt and wore it to the Speech Rally in Grant Park on Tuesday. Oddly enough, a picture of me got taken wearing the shirt and the picture ended up on a bunch of websites and in’s new video. Great shirt, great idea by Sheed.

  4. [...] has video of our co-boy Sheed handing out the already-trendy Undrcrwn shirts of Obama dunking over John McCain to all his teammates. I actually prefer the Muhammad Ali one [...]

  5. Too awesome… yet another reason to love Sheed.

  6. ballallday says:

    i saw spike lee wearing that at the knicks game twice already and then on the news too. i had to cop one the other day too

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