Pistons just extended Rip Hamilton

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“In addition to acquiring Allen Iverson in a three-for-one trade with the Denver Nuggets, the Pistons agreed to a three-year extension with Richard Hamilton, a team source told ESPN.com’s Chad Ford.

The new contract is worth $34 million, with the first two years guaranteed. The third year is only a partial guarantee, the source told Ford.” Via ESPN
Dumars isn’t playing people.

Some think he’s after LeBron in 2010.

6 Responses to "Pistons just extended Rip Hamilton"
  1. TDP says:

    So now that we’ve got 12 players on the roster, I think we need someone like Bonzi Wells out of the free agent pool.

  2. Alex says:

    Solid play by the Pistons tonight. I think we’re going to be fine in the long run. Glad to have Rip get the extension and cant wait to see AI in the game on Wednesday and at home vs Boston on Sunday.

  3. Alex says:

    Walter Sharpe’s dunk was soooo filthy. Even though it didn’t affect the game I hope you can link it.

  4. altan says:

    yah walter sharpes reverse dunk was nice especiallty for first points of his career

  5. umair says:

    i knew joe was in it for the free agent market but i now that i look deeper into it there is sooo much money for lebron. now i want him

  6. gMac says:

    The beauty of the trade and the extension today. It let everyone else know we are seriously about wining for the short and the long run. And this early in the season, who knows what can happen to KG , Ray and Pierce… Yao or Tmac. Now that we broke up the core, and showed everyone how much money we have for the free agency market, we can go out and make another mid season trade if our chances of winning it all increases.

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