Kwame Brown has Jungle Tattooed Jeans

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The Pistons are always on top of thing when it comes to giving fans a little behind the scenes glimpses into what goes one with the team. This new segment called Teammates may have topped them all. In the first installment we learn that Kwame Brown has a very unusual sense of style, and his teammates are quick to point it out.

5 Responses to "Kwame Brown has Jungle Tattooed Jeans"
  1. Kyle C. says:

    thats a funny video i didnt think aaron would be a bad dancer and i would say that rip is best dressed.

  2. mobius909 says:

    I don’t know if any of you caught the Lakers / Bulls game tonight. i’m in LA, so i caught a glimpse. The weirdest feeling came over me seeing Lindsey Hunter in a red Bulls jersey. I literally stood up and said WTF!

  3. Jop says:

    LOL, nice video.

    Sheed the best dancer ever, “in the middle of the circle”

  4. Quacker says:

    does anyone else think the graphic to the left of rip is put up there to block out chauncey? that makes me sad.

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