Get to know Will Bynum

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Will Bynum has played so well since he landed in Detroit that he keeps Pistons fans wanting more. We know what he can do on court, but here is a little background on Will’s journey to the Detroit and our hearts.

And yes I need to make a cartoon Will ASAP.

12 Responses to "Get to know Will Bynum"
  1. Clinton says:

    I think Bynum looks more ready to play then Stucky, Stucky has way to many turn overs but they both play the same way but Bynum has a jump shot

  2. andy c says:

    i think he became my favorite player in the entire league when he flew in from the wing midway through the 2nd quarter against Golden State and tried to dunk it on that dude! my reaction was similar to the TNT announcers.
    the thing is, when nate robinson (same height and build as will) tries stuff like that its just reckless showboating, but with bynum its because he wants to compete and win. he is always focused on the bigger task at hand.

  3. Noa Daniely says:

    He played in Israel, I saw some of his game here 😛

  4. Rban says:

    Bynum isnt more ready then Stuckey, hes feisty on D but hes way to small, stcukeys size really helps us. And as soon as people start noticing Bynum those shots will be blocked alot more, but I do love what hes bringing.

  5. Mustafa says:

    Will got some amazing moves.

  6. john black says:

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  7. Kyle Kelker says:

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