Dyess Come Home

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It’s very clear that Detroit wants and needs Antonio McDyess back. Dyess can’t sign with Detroit until December 7th, but what could happen in the meantime has plenty of Pistons fans waiting anxiously.

While ‘Dyess may have his heart with this team it may be hard for him to turn down the many offers that are coming his way. The good thing is we know McDyess stated he would rather retire than be “a ring chaser” but putting that aside it’s hard for Antonio not to look at other offers that would bring more money and a chance a title. And he would be losing a bit of money if he comes back to Michigan.

So I was searching Amazon.com doing some early holiday shopping when I came across an old Charlie Brown classic and was shocked to see that it’s been remade for Antonio’s return.

Who cares about Snoopy…..McDyess Come HOME!

Now can anyone get a copy of this to Antonio so he knows how much we want him back?

19 Responses to "Dyess Come Home"
  1. gMac says:

    Let’s see, what other teams are trying to get him?
    Celtics, Cavs , Spurs?
    We just have to beat the Cavs, Celtics and the Spurs before he makes a decision.

    There is no way to make it right for Dyess if he doesn’t come back. That said, I wouldn’t blame him if he goes after a ring. This guy put everything out there for this team, and we let him down year after year.

  2. Amer ican Prince says:

    Natalie that is the best thing anyone has ever done about anything ever.

    And how fitting would it be if Dyess were to come back and we end up winning it all, it would be a storybook ending (although hopefully not an ending)

    And let’s start that Antonio Mcdyess appreciation month with fond memories of Dyess so far. Here’s one I really appreciate


  3. Junior says:

    HA!! Well Done Natalie…that is pretty sweet

  4. ryan says:

    december 13th? 30 days after it became offical would be december 6th.

  5. joejoejoe says:

    I’m not sure Tay as Sally and Rip as Lucy will go over big in the locker room but I’m enjoying it.

  6. gMac says:

    Natalie, have you ever tried to make an alternative version of rip cartoon figure?
    I’m talking about this look, of course.

  7. yzermansteve says:

    if dyess don’t come back we won’t even make the conferance finals, guarenteed!!!

  8. Susan says:

    Well done, Natalie! Maybe you can make Bynum into Woodstock?

    If Dyess comes home, taking less money and refusing offers from the Spurs and the Celtics, then the team owes him nothing less than to give it 150% every night until and during the playoffs. If he comes home and we see players (who shall remain nameless) being lackadaisical out there, I will be furious!

  9. yzermansteve says:

    you wouldn’t be talkin about A.I. on defense would you?

  10. claire says:

    WOW, that picture just totally makes my day! Rip and Tay hahhaha that’s cute.

    I seriously hope Dyess comes back…

  11. Nice job Natalie!!! Have you thought of sending this and the Ice For Dyess posters to McDiggity (there’s gotta be a way to contact him!) so that he sees our undying appreciation and he realizes that fan loyalty is also important… he’s not gonna find that in Cleveland… there he’ll just be another guy named Pepe in the LeBrons… in Boston, fans only care about KG and Pierce… the way I see it, McD should come back and we should all start pushing even harder on the Ice For Dyess campaign!!!! Like, going to the Palace with signs, posting Ice For Dyess ads in the players’ blogs (Sheed has one for starters)… Heck, I’ll even volunteer to write a letter for Walter “Rico Suave” Hermann in Spanish to tell him why he needs to play 150% harder for McDyess!!!!!!!

    Those in the D… find ways to show Antonio that we all care!!!!!! McDyess must come home again!!!!!!

  12. gMac says:

    How about we start carrying signs asking Dyess back NOW. That would sure show how much we appreciate him.
    Too bad the Cleveland game is not on national tv.

  13. LC says:

    Dyess should go to Boston….I want him to get the ring, he deserves it and there isn’t any reason to be loyal to Joe, who traded him away.

  14. Matt says:

    Dyess come home please! we need you!

  15. exzile says:

    Come home Dyess! We miss you!

  16. john says:

    i think mcdyess should go to boston if he wants that ring

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