Allen Iverson’s first Palace Intro

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Allen Iverson gets introduced for the first time at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

For those of you who were able to attend the game like I was, you can attest to the fact that the roar for AI was deafening. Detroit showed AI plenty of love, too bad it didn’t translate into a win.

18 Responses to "Allen Iverson’s first Palace Intro"
  1. The Fluidics says:

    It was loud enough that I had no idea what Mason said until I got home.

    The boo’s during the 2nd and 3rd however, were loud and clear.

  2. gMac says:

    I felt like ripped off by the Pistons going to the game today. It’s like going to a heavy weight fight that ends in the 1 round….with a KO

  3. gMac says:

    I never boo my team, but I wouldn’t blame those fans that did today.

  4. The Fluidics says:

    I don’t boo either, but I do understand it. Tonight was BRUTAL.

  5. who cares says:


  6. Dan says:

    I think rip played bad because he misses billups too much. hes got to get over it. 3 points is pathetic. rasheed played terrible too. 8 threepointer attempts is not what we need him doing. Actually this reminded me of the game last year where we got blown out by the knicks. i’m just gunna forget about this game and look forward to Sacramento. we have 1 and a half weeks to get ready to get revenge on the Celtics on their home floor. this team just needs time to gel.

  7. Mike a.k.a. LiamJones says:

    Has anyone else noticed how poorly we’ve played in the 2nd quarter so far this season?? Even before we sent Billups and Dyess (come back, baby!) packing, we hadn’t been impressive.

    We’ve given up leads multiple times now, and have been outscored 161-130 this season.

    So far this season, we’ve let our opponent score 9 more points in the second than they had in the first. That’s quite a jump for one quarter. 17.7 in the first to 26.8 in the second.

    Perhaps the loss of Dyess off the bench to hold it down in the second is hurting? Outscored 109-87 in the second quarter since the trade….

    It’s early, but I’m seeing a trend. The second quarter pretty much WAS the game last night. This cannot continue.

  8. T-Fouled says:

    Yea we lost this game in the 2nd quarter, just awful, a nightmare, like all of a sudden there was a voodoo curse on this team, was pathetic to watch… Rip n Sheed were brutal, overall the “team” looked completely lost not knowing what to or do where to go… Tayshaun did good, Amir too but there was NO team out there just a bunch of guys who didn’t have a clue playing against the defending champions. Now’s the time for MC to earn his stripes, we’ll see what kind of coach he really is.

  9. altan says:

    let me just say this one sentence, im dissapointing todays game was trash, they better step it up

  10. Tom S. says:

    Uh, Will Bynum, anyone?

  11. augustslady says:

    Oh well,mybe are guys are missing Mr. Big Shot?
    To early to tell..
    But let’s hope this isn’t a precurser of things to come.

  12. augustslady says:

    Don’t know if my last post got through,so lets try
    this again.Mybe our guys are missing Mr.Big Shot?
    Hope that’s all it is and not a precurser of things to come!

  13. Bakary says:

    We must understand and acknowledge that the detroit pistons of 2004 and 2005 are long gone now.
    detroit will not win this year and not even next year. one can say that it is still early in the season to say so but i do not see any sign of them getting better. they might end up winning games and make the playoff. and then what? another early exit like the previous years.
    I believe what coach said about sharing the offense resposnsibilities, using the bench, etc…this is working against sub par teams but when it comes to the elite company detroit is just a step back.
    i am not a boston fan but i acknowledge that this is the teamplaying from its heart, this is the team being the aggressor, this is the being a team…
    rasheed was supposed to carry the offense from the inside…how come he still shooting more threes than anything else?
    curry is not but a sweet talker to me, him and joe lost track of what playing detroit basketball is.
    long gone are the bad boys days.
    for the first time the crowd booed the team, i guess we all feel the same.
    what the team miss is someone not only that will COACH them but also who knows how to coach.
    I blamed flip saunders but it wasn’t all his fault: players if you still have that things call dignity, sense of pride now is the time to show it, now is the time to make us believe again.

    • jordan says:

      i think next year in the draft u should draft penn states taylor battle if hes in the draft hes very good dominate player i think he stuckey and hamilton will go together

  14. tramell says:

    i agree with bakary y in heavens would u trade chauncey billups for allen iverson good trade but didnt help joe dumars ure team went from 59-23 to 39-43 thats 20 games below the season before thats below 500% its terrible joe i belive in u o one other crazzy thing u did was fire fip saunders he was one of detroits best coaches right after larry brown

  15. kobe bryant says:

    this is kobe bryant that game against the pistons was tough but we played very hard i got to give credit to ben gordan and stuckey and maybe vilueava they worked hrd but we worked harder so when rip and prince come back i belive theyle be adecient team probably with a 54-28 record never know they could go sorry that will happen like 3 out of 10 chances there a really good team but the lakers are better

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