Allen Iverson Detroit Pistons Wallpaper

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Allen Iverson Detroit Pistons Desktop Wallpaper.
All wallpapers are located in the Wallpaper section of the website and are available in regular and wide screen resolutions.

Allen Iverson Wallpaper

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10 Responses to "Allen Iverson Detroit Pistons Wallpaper"
  1. Clinton says:

    Nice Thanks Natalie =)

  2. DetroitGirl4life says:

    this is sweet ..thanks 😀

  3. Patrick says:

    ty.. but can you please provide it in 1280×1024?

  4. T-Fouled says:

    Great work Natalie, thanx!
    Any 2008 screensaver with AI n Amir (or should it be Kwame :/ or hopefully Dyce 🙂 ) comming up?

    BTW, on a different subject;

    Roses are red violets are blue
    Red Wings are red Pistons are blue
    Whoever came up with that red Pistons jersey is missing a screw…

    It’s ugly, I can’t stand watching the games when they wear that alt jersey, gives me a headache and my nose starts to bleed… And look how bad it made em play…

  5. ben says:

    it seems like everytime they wear that red jersey they get beat like in game 7 of the ECF against the heat they got beat and look at last year against boston they lost too and now again to boston

  6. altan says:

    back in the best record year 05-06 we were 8-0 with those jerseys

  7. Amer ican Prince says:

    I don’t know their record when they wear those jerseys but I do admit they look weird to me. I thought they were getting new alternate jersey’s this year?

    It’s weird with AI. I always saw these guys as a team who could walk and talk and joke with the superstars, but they weren’t superstars themselves. But when I see AI interact with other superstars it’s different. He is a superstar himself so I’m still getting used to it

  8. joejoejoe says:

    Natalie – You should consider making your awesome graphics in the 1024 x 600 format of the new netbooks (small laptops) and maybe even for iPhone. They are growing segments of the tech market and I don’t think there is a lot out there (compared to more common resolutions) in terms of wallpapers and graphics for their users and it would allow Need4Sheed to expand into a new and growing market.

  9. joe says:

    i’m a total A.I. fan. and A.I. with rasheed is a good deal chuance and allen are pretty much an even match.

  10. Hey i´m A.I fan and i love Allen Iverson. I´m from Mozambique(Africa) and i often watch NBA. i rock it. Thanx for the show you´re providing us.

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