What NOT to do when Chauncey Billups is pumping your gas

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If you were in her shoes what would you be doing?

Watching it over again, was I too hard on her? Another great piece I caught on tape when covering the Pistons pumping gas for their fans. Wait until you see Rip in action.

12 Responses to "What NOT to do when Chauncey Billups is pumping your gas"
  1. claire says:

    *drum rolls* 1st game tomorrow! oh the excitement! lol man, these videos are really high quality.

  2. Richie says:

    NO, you were not too hard on her! Most people would kill to meet one of their favorite atheletes, let alone have one of them pump gas for them. The phone conversation about it could have waited! I’m glad you called her out, Nat, especially since she and he were both able to get a laugh out of it.

  3. Kyle C. says:

    I would have done the same thing. I live in Hawaii so i never seen any Piston players let alone any Pistons fans. How can you stay so calm when there are Piston players right in front of you? I would be screaming and moving all around and probally piss my pants.

  4. Junior says:

    No it was good Nat. I think she was even glad you said something cause it gave her an excuse to talk to him again. Good stuff.

  5. Shanice says:

    Daaaamn, I cant beleve I aint even talk to dat nigga. I was too shy cause da camera an shit, but he wa lookin too fine, shoo. niggaz cant get no service like dis no moe. its so cold in the d.

  6. ALTAN says:

    wtf, i doubt this is tht girl in tha vid, but u dont need to use the n word

  7. Joe says:

    I sure wish chauncey would pump my gas. 🙁

  8. TDP says:

    I mean, I’m a big Pistons fan and all, but staring at Chauncey solemnly pumping gas isn’t exactly interesting. It’d been a blast to be there, however.

  9. Kyle says:

    lol he spelled the word piece wrong

  10. Rban says:

    not hard enough lol, im from new brunswick canada, this would be like the most exciing thing ever for me.

  11. Justin says:

    lol@ It’s so coooold in the D.

    If it wasn’t for Mojo in the morning I would have had no idea what that was about. Check out the podcast titled “T. Baby Performs “So Cold In The D””. And I think you would understand where the N word comes into it. Incidentally here is a link to the video. There is the occasional F bomb thrown in there and numerous N bombs. So watch at work at your own discrection.


    But onto the subject of the Pistons pumping gas. I know that they are doing this to promote the fact that the season is about to start. But just for the players sake can’t that just do this at the end of the season, or near the end of it? It’s like 40 degrees out there. “Rico Suave” a.k.a. Fabio could have a hair emergency.

  12. Lynda says:

    Maaan, I would have jumped out of my car and wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist so tight it would’ve taken a SWAT team to get me off of him!

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