Watch your back Mason, this kid has what it takes.


The Pistons pieced this one together from some of the Pistons Kids nights at The Palace. Mason’s job is seriously in jeopardy, good thing he still has his radio gig.

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4 Responses to This Kid has it Down

  1. Steve in OH says:

    I’ll never get tired of this kid… love it!

  2. Austin Kent says:

    Oh man, this is priceless. Excellent find.

  3. [...] As part of the Pistons Kids’ Opening Night next Saturday, twelve kids, between the ages of 10 and 14, will get the opportunity to experience the life of an NBA star. Sort of. The randomly selected winners will spend time in the Pistons practice facility, receive a backstage tour of The Palace, and have the chance to kick Hooper in the shins. One lucky winner will also have the opportunity to introduce the starting lineups ala Mason. No pressure, kid.If you ever wondered what I’d look and sound like introducing the mighty Pistons … well, that was it.(via [...]

  4. Noa Daniely says:

    wow, I’m so jealous of this kid. this is my dream, to do it at the palace for once time instead of mason.

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