Pistons vs Spurs in Grand Rapids

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Pistons vs. Spurs

The Pistons will play the Spurs tonight in Grand Rapids to try to keep their pre-season record perfect. Rodney Stuckey will be starting in place of an injured Chauncey Billups (minor ankle sprain). It would be nice to see Arron Afflalo repeat his the 28 point performance that he put up against the Bucks, but if he can’t I’m sure one of the other youngSTARS will take his place.

I attended the last Grand Rapids pre-season game last season and let me tell you those are some serious and thankful Pistons fans. The place will be packed with a ton of enthusiastic fans that usually make the best of their only chance to see Detroit play all season. Tayshaun Prince also impressed with the fans in GR last season over at Pistons.com (video).

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  1. Nicholas says:

    Anyone Else notice Sheeds new massive back tatoo during the pre season game tonight. If anyone knows any details about it, I would love to know.

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