Pistons Bucks again

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Pistons take on the Bucks again, this time in Milwaukee but this one isn’t televised. After last nights Piston win against The Wizards in which Sheed led all scores with 12 on the way to a 73-62 win. Since we can’t watch it I am anticipating a little something like this might take place.


For some reason Bogut and Sheed always seem to get at it during their matchups. Tip off is 8:30 pm EST with a live audio stream on NBA.com and on 1130 AM WDFN The Fan.

6 Responses to "Pistons Bucks again"
  1. agel says:

    lmao ball dont lie !

  2. Bobby says:

    although I don’t really like seeing the jawing already in the preseason…

    that was pretty hilarious.

  3. tripog says:

    did yall see the pictures on espn from this game it looked like tayshaun wanted to pull some compton gangsta stuff out on jefferson in that one picture, and the other two are just funny. but afflalo did great tonight and has been doing good i think hes going to grow into a pretty good offense player/ all around player.

  4. Renaldo says:

    i did nothing but clap, BALL DONT LIE!!!!!!

  5. DetroitGirl4life says:

    does anyone have a video of the jawing omg if someone can post that up it will make my week

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