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Need4Sheed League Pass
After getting to know a ton of Need4Sheed readers I know that many of you live outside the Detroit metro area and aren’t able to catch all of the Pistons action. That’s why I was excited when Direct TV offered Need4Sheed readers a break on the price of NBA League pass. Not only can you catch all the Pistons games (and even a bit of Blaha), you can watch every game in the NBA every night.

I must admit Pistons fans in Detroit are spoiled, but being able to enjoy any NBA game you want is a treat. My favorite part of League pass is the added bonus of getting NBA TV.
The link takes you to Direct TV’s special offer with a promo code (13687) for Need4Sheed readers to get the an additional discount. The Toll Free # is 1-866-770-7618 and the offer is valid through November 4th so take advantage of it while you can so you don’t miss any of the SHEEDtasic action.

1-866-770-7618 Promo Code 13687

2 Responses to "Need4Sheed NBA League Pass Promo Price"
  1. AT says:

    peer-2-peer sports streaming video

  2. AroN says:

    Is there anything for DISH NETWORK? lol I hope so! I’m in L.A. and it sucks to not get to see any games! (until I go to Staples to see them live of course) Lemme know, thanks! ~AaRON

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