Maxiell Agrees to Extension

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“Pistons power forward Jason Maxiell accepted a contract offer today and will not become a restricted free agent following the season. The deal is for $20 million over four years.” Via The Detroit Free Press

10 Responses to "Maxiell Agrees to Extension"
  1. ALTAN says:

    GOOD NEWS, hope he doesnt turn out to be worse

  2. Joe says:

    good news for our future.

  3. Richie says:

    YES! This reminds me of the new Jason Maxiell And 1 phrase I developed last night ala the DBB T_shrits. “Eat that baby and a foul!”

  4. umair says:

    thats great. not happy lindsey hunter is working out for the clippers. hes free to do what he wants but maybe waited a few years after he retired to get a front office job here

  5. ALTAN says:

    wow richie thts a good one, never woulda thought of tht

  6. T-Fouled says:

    Great news, very very happy to keep the baby eater in town, as much as I appreciate Amir’s potential and respect Dyce’s heart, Maxiell is just a great baller to have on the team, still underated in my opinion, could be a starter on many teams.

  7. TDP says:

    I’m glad. This should mean he won’t end up as trade bait at the deadline.

  8. Amer ican Prince says:

    Good truth be told I think he would have lost money if he had played the year out. Hope I’m wrong and Maxy dominates and now that I won’t have to worry all year about him getting great numbers and the pistons not being able to match an offer from another team

  9. Franz (detroit 2hot...) says:

    Great news, I’m happy for him and for the Pistons.

  10. Damien W. says:

    I’m happy. It does work out for the Pistons and Maxy.. besides.. he got 5 million more out of the Pistons. *Shrugs* Not sure if that’s good or bad.

    -BabyBen / JMax54

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