George Blaha Interviews Arron Afflalo

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George Blaha caught up with Arron Afflalo before the Pistons loss to the Spurs Tuesday night. Arron talks about his defense, Rip Hamilton, his 28 point game, Coach Curry and his gym habits. Arron confirmed something that I really liked about his game and attitude, when he got to Detroit he knew he needed to carve out his own niche to get playing time, hence the focus on defense.

Arron Afflalo Interview

8 Responses to "George Blaha Interviews Arron Afflalo"
  1. the hated steve says:

    they got their shit tossed tonight! good thing this is pre season hopefull this isnt a preview of whats yet to come 28% shooting is gross.

  2. TDP says:

    Both Afflalo and Blaha looked good there.

    Ol’ George was calling the first Milwaukee game and kept referring to the “Bulls.” Granted, it was, essentially, Chicago’s coaching staff on the Milwaukee bench, but I thought Blaha was losing it – going all Pat Summerall on us.

  3. dirge says:

    Afflalo has been looking good out there. You can see his increased comfort level when he has the ball. Of course, with Flip Saunders yanking guys when they weren’t scoring… that makes a lot of sense 🙂 I think Afflalo will continue to improve and look forward to his stay as a Piston. He’s an excellent player with the right kind of personality to be a lifer in Detroit (and I mean that in a good way) :>

  4. Richie says:

    I love the new name, Steve. I also like what I’ve been seeing out of Afflalo.

  5. Richie says:

    I wouldn’t be concerned with this preseason loss, by the way. Duncan and Bowen were out there for most of the game while our starters played scant minutes. This was more of an oppotunity for MC to test out rotations, particularly mixing up the big men. Langois had a nice blog about it at the true blue pistons blog linked from

  6. Doug says:

    Just realized this was posted on his birthday…

  7. Andra Rojas says:


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