Curry to Amir – Eat, Rest and Lift Weights

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The halftime feature during The Pistons pre-season win against The Bucks was quite interesting. It was a video of Michael Curry’s practices during the summer. The focus……Amir Johnson

7 Responses to "Curry to Amir – Eat, Rest and Lift Weights"
  1. The hated Steve says:

    I like curry already, its funny everyone jumped down my throat when i said fire flip after his first season, i knew he was the cancer of this team, he lost us 3 more ships because all he does is bite his lip look up and look stupid, curry is gonna be huge for this team i can already tell he aint taking no ones shit.

  2. Mannie32 says:

    yea i saw that last night and liked the advice

  3. CHendrickx says:

    i like the way he coaches.
    Very personable and doesnt let people talk back to him. looking forward the the change

  4. Bobby says:

    OOOOHHH that video makes me very very happy.

    I like Curry’s approach to the game. Played hard from start to finish instead of won on the last shot.

  5. Mike says:

    Amir needs to find the time to spend a couple of hours in the weight room doing serious bulking stuff about 4 times a week even during the season when the Pistons are at home.

    He could even do some on the road as I am sure a lot of the hotels that they in have weight rooms.

    I lifted and ran for years.

    4 days in the gym and 3 running.

    I loved the gym and hated the running.

    Once you get past a certain threshold the weight room is just like running in that the pain of the push to go beyond becomes very pleasurable.

  6. TDP says:

    A bit pretentious, Mike.

    Gotta love that Palace look! The ’50 Years’ logo was cool, but damn that classic red and blue looks great. Here’s to seeing that floor in June!

  7. Richie says:

    Very pretentious, Mike.
    Amir is a profesional athlete who spent the majority of his free time with the D-league in the weight room. I doubt he’s interested in the work out philosophy of some blog reader.
    I’m also pleased with what I’ve seen of Curry.

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