Long, Lean and drains the Three

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7 ft 1 inCheikhCheikh
245 LBS CheikhCheikh
Manute Bol body typeCheikhCheikh
Can put up a Triple-Double CheikhCheikh
Can drain the threeCheikhCheikh

Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons, The NBA and FSN

Enjoy this clip, we may not see Cheikh attempt this shot in the regular season.

10 Responses to "Long, Lean and drains the Three"
  1. Richie says:

    I love the play on words list, Natalie! I think that you put the wrong video clip in the post though. Not that it matters- I love watching The Big Denial, even if it is out of context.

  2. Richie says:

    Looks like you fixed it already 🙂

  3. Mannie32 says:

    haha nice

  4. gMac says:

    I was surprised to see how fast Samb can run up and down the court yesterday! On a straight line, he was running as fast as Mo Evan.

  5. Amer ican Prince says:

    that was so great, i hope we see him some in the regular season

  6. ALTAN says:

    hey nat, i was wondering, if you got the back to back palys from arron afflalo, ffrom yesterday, the reverse dunk and 3 pointer

  7. mobius909 says:

    anyone see Acker’s numbers in the last outing? not bad kid

  8. Mike says:

    Its nice that he can make the 3 pointer but I would be a lot happier if he developed a solid game in the paint and under the basket rather than trying to emulate Sheed on offense.

  9. LanierFan says:

    Beautiful looking shot, though.

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