Bill Laimbeer Loves Fishin and Himself

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The Pistons do a fantastic job on their 24 Seconds video segments, but when I caught this one with Bill Laimbeer I couldn’t help but get a huge kick out of it. I promise you that I knew exactly what he was going to say when asked who his favorite basketball player was.

24 Seconds with Bill Laimbeer

24 Seconds with Bill Laimbeer

It’s just Bill and why we love him in Detroit and why he’s hated everywhere else.

6 Responses to "Bill Laimbeer Loves Fishin and Himself"
  1. Kyle says:

    if i were bill laimbeer, i’d be my favorite basketball player too.

  2. Mannie32 says:

    Curry, 40, ended the practice with a one-handed slam. Rookie “Will Bynum challenged me,” Curry said. “I told him I could still dunk, so I had to dunk for Will Bynum.”


  3. The Hated Steve says:

    Sorry to burst anyones bubble but espn and all of detroit radio and all the experts pick detroit to finish 3rd in the east and 2nd in the central and get knocked out of the playoffs in the first or 2nd round unless they make a deal, were backing an old average team which sucks were not a power threat anymore.

  4. Watching says:

    THS, thats cool dude. bring on the burn

  5. AT says:


    The “experts” on Espn actually picked 1.5 Central and 2.5 East….

    And all the “experts” on 97.1 picked MSU to beat OSU…

    There are far to many factors in a long NBA season to be able to prognosticate much, but I’ll bet you any amount of $$ that we win the central division… Clevland is one Lebron injury away, and then Dan Gilbert’s team will be as valuable as his company… Ironic…

  6. taliyah says:

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