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  • Maxiell’s playing time and his contract issue.
  • Look at the numbers, Chauncey Billups is a Superstar!
  • Dumars takes nothing that isn’t coming to him.
  • Dave Dial points out the fact Tay and Rasheed aren’t pulling their weight offensively.
  • Rick Carlisle back in Detroit with his new team (Dallas) and a new attitude.
  • Curry takes the blame while Sheed isn’t really worried about a pre-season game.
  • Ilgauskus takes a jab at Detroit’s pre-game huddle… “The old veteran sees other teams leaping together before the tipoff, as if pogo sticks had been smuggled into their midst, and he shakes his head. The Detroit Pistons do this, led by Rasheed Wallace, the prince, behaviorally, if not in the box score, of pointlessness. ‘We don’t jump around,’ said Zydrunas Ilgauskas, the 33-year-old Cavaliers center. ‘We meet in the hallway before we go out for warmups. We have a prayer.’ Apparently, jumping around is not needed to get the Cavs’ blood roaring. ‘We go out and try not to curse after the prayer,’ said Z. ‘I would say it lasts for at least 30 seconds.'” The Plain Dealer Via True Hoop


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  1. california_dreamin' says:

    JUST AS A HEADS UP. There is going to be a Piston season preview on NBA TV at 7ET, then it will be followed by the Pistons/Mavs game.

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