Jason Maxiell To Take It All – Vote Maxiell in The Floor Burn Tournament Finals

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UPDATE: Jason is behind…do what you have to do!

Looks like some fans are shedding a few tears and complaining of unfair play. Is it because Jason Maxiell has been DOMINATING Hoops Addict Floor Burn Tournament? I know I read some snide remarks about Pistons fans spamming for votes for Maxiell.

Courtesy of The NBA, Detroit Pistons and FSN Detroit

“After a month long battle to crown the Floor Burn Champion, the final contestants are Jason Maxiell and Shane Battier. Despite complaints from some readers about these players being heralded on message board across the ‘net, I have no qualms with these two finalists because they are a great representation of what the Floor Burn Tournament represents: two players who don’t get the shine they deserve for being glue guys and integral parts of their respective teams success.” Via Hoops Addict.com

It’s the Finals, lets really put a beat down on Shane Battier for Maxiell and let the world know how much we appreciate The Baby Eater aka The Putback King. VOTE AWAY

24 Responses to "Jason Maxiell To Take It All – Vote Maxiell in The Floor Burn Tournament Finals"
  1. BabyBen says:

    I love Rasheed’s reaction when The Putback King gets it down before the buzzer goes off. Classic Sheed with Jason Maxiell almost guaranteed to have at least 1 putback a game, I love it.

    Though, wasn’t much of a fan of the freshly cut Maxiell. That was just… odd.

  2. Dominic says:

    Alright, hate to get off the topic of Basketball but I can be excused because of the slow offseason.

    The Lions just signed Rudi Johnson! This finally gives our runningbacks some credibility. With a 1-2 punch of Rudi and K Smith We may here the words we never heard last season “______ puts eight defenders in the box” Sure Rudi is injury prone but every game he stays healthy is another game Roy and Calvin arent’ getting triple teamed. Go Lions! (for all the fans that barely follow the Lions and all the of the sudden want to follow them again, get off the bandwagon. It’s our kool-aid!!!)

    How you feel about this one Steve?

  3. Steve says:


  4. mannie32 says:

    hgaha true sheed’s reaction is classic

    ps: maxiell is KILLING the finals so far

  5. Jess says:

    Jason has been dominating the whole time, yet we still havent seen his picture on the front page?!?

    And if you guys havent seen this yet (its on NBA.COM poll question).. here it is:

    Who do you think will represent the Eastern Conference in The Finals this season?
    Boston Celtics

    Cleveland Cavaliers


    Detroit Pistons

    Orlando Magic

  6. palaceprince says:

    ya Dom im so excited about rudi coming. after kevin j. left i was wondering what tatum could do but now there is another solid back.

  7. palaceprince says:

    ya Dom im so excited about rudi coming. after kevin j. left i was wondering what tatum could do but now there is another solid back.

  8. mobius909 says:


    so, do we go after ben gordon?

  9. D20juan says:

    I love it, the lions sign another player that a better team doesn’t want and everybody is screamin playoffs!!! I latched on to the lions in highschool after watching barry sanders 1st game. I have watched every game from that point on, yes the lions have a chance to make the playoffs but it wont be rudi johnson who gets us there! Hes another washed up back who never really has done anything. And, if u think he will do better with us and our undersized, lack of effort line ur crazy! Just watch and learn. Ben Wallace or Ben Gordon, gordon doesn’t fit and BigBen is washed up, sorry detroit fans, im waitng for hockey!! Don’t no if i feel like getting excited about another year of “Almost”.

  10. grungedave says:

    Congrats to Maxiell… looks like he’s going to win this thing going away. Dammit. 😉

  11. blaze5611 says:

    shane made a slight push but hes not even gonna get close good to know there is a strong piston presence on the web even in the offseason

  12. sfreder967 says:

    It’s time 2 get this thing goin cause we got alot of Piston Haters out there tryin 2 keep J Max from winnin … I already voted twice not much more i can do so im callin on the rest of the N4S family to do there part so lil bra J Max is on top “Let’s get it”

  13. khajatiger says:


  14. BabyBen says:

    AHHHH! Battier was down like 500 votes last time I looked! >.< Come on people! Battier is making a run with it with his baby! MAXIELL IS CHASING HIM! NU~! We need to put a stop to this!

  15. BabyBen says:

    Ok! I left a ‘HElP’ post in my deviantART address (www.ledin-wind.deviantart.com)

    Hopefully, I can pull some votes out of my ass and get some people from the artistic world to vote. *Crosses fingers* Here is to hoping!

    Hey! If anybody else got something they can help, do it! Myspace, Facebook, Live Journal, etc. ANYTHING we need to pull these votes out of our cheeks and finally put Battiers’ baby on a plate

  16. detstones25 says:

    Apparently they posted the link on a bunch of Chinese forums. We have a big fanbase but there’s no way we can compete with over a billion people, haha.

  17. grungedave says:

    Don’t call it a comeback…

    Battier back up 60/40! Woo hoo!

  18. The Fluidics says:

    It’s all good, Houston can do this, and the Pistons will just go to round two in the playoffs next spring.

  19. JAckson011 says:

    Looks like all that cocky pistons fan smack talking drew alot of votes against max

  20. Steve says:

    jackson looks like all my cocky went in ur moms mouth. ur jus lucky u got all the pans in china votin for u.

  21. Dominic says:

    lmfaoo steve… ahaha

  22. Dominic says:

    “Hes another washed up back who never really has done anything.”

    Are you kidding? Rudi Johnson is a key reason Chad and TJ were able to get open so many times. He has had some hamstring issues lately but just 2 years ago Johnson broke the Bengals franchise record of 1,456 rushing yards and was a catalyst of the Bengals offense, leading to an 11-5 record. But hamstring issues have limited him. If it wasn’t for the future back in Chris Perry that the Bengals have, they would’ve kept Rudi and been very happy with him. TO say he’s never really done anything is ignorant

  23. celtsrdavis12 says:

    haha im sorry pistons fans it looks like our going to come up short again hahahahahahaha…. detroit basketball is on the decline folks… good luck with the red wings cuz thats the only team you will be celebrating for in the next 10 yrs

  24. Nice blog- Will come back again!

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