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  1. BabyBen says:

    Oh my. I scanned The Locker Room for anything Sheed and got results… but not the one that I was really looking for.

    All the talk is right, there isn’t any Rasheed Wallace jerseys to be seen (Though there were buttons, hats, youth and female apperal). But when it comes to a regular jersey, el zelcho. *Thinks* We’ll just have to find out whats going to happen.

  2. gsalter1 says:

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  3. _7 says:

    I doubt the lack of sheed stuff matters. Pistons jerseys come likely from the NBA store, the NBA store is out of sheed stuff too. It isn’t like the NBA store has an ear on likely trades so they can start selling the right jerseys and even if they did, with their stock of likely thousands of jerseys at any time, that they would run out JUST in time to stop selling them before sheed retires or is traded is unlikely.

    I would call it a bad omen if sheed jerseys were on a big sale, but just missing? I doubt it’s important.

  4. Deetroitbblfn says:

    I did find some authentic Sheed jerseys, but they all had the old number 30, which is what he used when he was first added to the roster in 2004…weird.

    Any thoughts?

  5. Deetroitbblfn says:

    Oh, those Sheed jerseys were at btw…

  6. mannie32 says:

    no idea what it means… guess we’ll wait and see… i’d love him to play out his last year on his contract in detroit tho, we’ll see in due time

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