The Movement Has Begun

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Somewhere in Ohio…

In Arnie We Trust!
Somewhere in Grosse Point – From Kevin Gomes

Somewhere in Los Angeles – From Christopher Cooley

Even some DBB love, nice.

Somewhere in Pennsylvania – From Darlene Meyers

Somewhere in Atlanta – From THOR

Somewhere in Saginaw – From Allie Manning

If you would like to join in, I am making the poster available in PDF form to print out and display. You can even send me your pictures ( so we can keep this thing going.

Show us your Arnie Kander Love!

19 Responses to "The Movement Has Begun"
  1. mobius909 says:

    i wonder how samb would match up against the big fella? hmmm, i think maybe a little better than hermann. I crack up every time i see him run.

  2. mynamesdoom says:

    could we get a ball don’t lie poster somehow?

  3. Natalie Sitto says:

    It’s all about Arnie..
    I’m not planning on making a Ball don’t lie poster available. Sorry

  4. The Fluidics says:

    I tell ya, if I had an office, I’d be all on that, lol.

    Jut have faith folks.

  5. amer-ican prince says:

    Love Arnie I don’t think he gets enough credit for what he does

    If I knew how to, I would use one of those movie makers and make a Pistons highlights video, Arnie Kander included.

  6. Jess says:

    Thats a nice poster. It would be nice to see those scattered at the Palace on Tuesday… hell it would be nice to see some at Magic’s homecourt 🙂

  7. Steve in OH says:

    Grosse Pointe – nice one. But it’s definitely not the same as with all the Cavs fans I face down here in Ohio.

    Of course, they haven’t been nearly as vocal down here this week… ;-D

  8. ric says:

    nat, i’ve been suggesting and asking questions (to you, matt and keith langlois) about who will be the ideal experiement on guarding rashard lewis other than sheed and hermann…i mentioned amir johnson. im glad that its finally in flip’s mind to see amir’s ability to guard a perimeter guy and at same time off the dribble. hopefully amir will hold his own….i guess the only concern is when lewis and howard switch to a pick and roll and amir might end up guarding howard in that play.

  9. Natalie Sitto says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Amir out there. Rasheed couldn’t handle him in game 3. Tay couldn’t get it done and Walter didn’t look good. It could be just one of those nights for him but with Amirs lenght speed and ability to block shots it might just have im off his game.

  10. ric says:

    i hope this will be a breakthrough for amir! and also for stuckey in terms of running the offense other than scoring….i have a feeling game 4 is gonna be the zoo crew’s time, max, stuck and amir! if that happens on saturday, stan van gundy will never know what to do anymore…..hes bench has no match!

  11. ric says:

    nat, based on all sources news about chauncey’s injury…its seems that chauncey is saying he doesn’t know if hes ready and it still sore and hurts when he walks while arnie is saying, he should be fine….is this a tactic to throw off magic? what good does this do anyway? but again, i wouldn’t mind seeing the magic get a “im confuse” look.

  12. detpistonsfan says:

    ric, even if the zoo crew step up, the Magic don’t need to use the bench against them. Guys like howard, nelson and them can play for 48 minutes. They never had that long of seasons to make them tired like the pistons. Also, I’m glad to see that LeBron is going through the same slump we went though last year. Now he knows the real reason they beat us.I say Pistons win in 5.

  13. ric says:

    detpistonsfan…offcourse anybody could play 48minutes….the question is, can anybody be productive for the whole entire 48minutes? even lebron and kobe needs a breathing.

  14. Jessi says:

    love the poster, my office at work is all pistons everyone laughs at me because I buy something new every game I go to. I am going to put this poster in a fame on my wall, I have to frame it because its company policy, I again to but it in my home office as well which is more pistons than anything, my boyfriends hates it because he thinks I like basketball more than him well I think I do. I can;t wait until tomorrow night.

  15. kimayyyooo says:

    i mean i love this but. it doesn’t look a thing like arnie. rather that 20/20 dude

  16. Natalie Sitto says:

    It does look like Heraldo..LOL, not my best but I think it will get our point across.

  17. Justin says:

    So what have we learned? Offices all acrossed the midwest and beyond are being bombarded with the “In Arnie we trust” posters. And clearly filing cabinets are not being used in these places. Nat you are adding to non-productivity of the american workplace. But it’s all good. Chauncey didn’t make it back tonight, but we still appreciate everything that Arnie does.

  18. Natalie Sitto says:

    I do my part Justin!

  19. kimayyyooo says:

    lol i’m such an idiot. i was thinking about mike abdenour or however you spell it

    great job on the poster nat! it looks just like him haha. it really does

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