Playoff Week Five – Stardock / Need4Sheed Giveaway

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The Winner of the Week Four Stardock Giveaway was
Miguel Gonzalez, Congrats Miguel!
For those of you who didn’t win this go around you still have a chance.

I have another wonderful Pistons Desktop courtesy of Stardock to give away.

Stardock will be giving away 1 downloadable Pistons Theme a week during Detroit’s playoff run. Here is your chance to snag one for Week 5.

Send the answer to the trivia question to:
Subject line: Week Five
With your Name
and Email Address

I will be picking a winner randomly from the correct submissions. Deadline for this one is Saturday May 31st, so send away.

How many NBA inspired Team Desktops does Stardock’s MyColors offer?

3 Responses to "Playoff Week Five – Stardock / Need4Sheed Giveaway"
  1. blaze5611 says:

    just a question, you don’t have to answer… do you get paid for this lame stuff or do you actually like stardock??…. your wallpapers are like 10 times cooler than what they have anyways… just a thought

  2. DetroitGirl4Ever says:

    I like the idea of giving that away. It’s really cool, but I quit playing a long time ago. Sadly, it’s to hard to win. Tonight’s game should be really fun.

  3. claire says:

    the idea of having a Pistons theme on your computer is way too cool, BUT stardocks fails to make it look creative and good-looking (at least based on the little picture shown here).

    but i think i’ll enter this contest anyways haha PICK ME, NATALIE, PICK ME!!!

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