Lindsy Hunter on Sheed – Don’t Hug Garnett!

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Thanks to Team Need4Sheed member Donnie B for sending the link. Apparently I missed the fact that PistonsNationBlog had this as well as DBB

3 Responses to "Lindsy Hunter on Sheed – Don’t Hug Garnett!"
  1. mr_miyagi says:

    Yeah, saw this on Pistons Nation yesterday, DBB has it too. I agree with Hunter 110%. Right now Garnett is the enemy. He and the Celtics are trying to take what we’ve worked for and vice versa.

  2. ric says:

    exactly! billups is also friends with garnett, but do u see him giving him comfor and $*&#$ like that???? on the court, there’s no such thing as friendship towards your opponent. we want the “don’t give a &*$#” SHEED, we don’t want the “gimme some love” SHEED.

  3. mannie32 says:

    i dont give a shit about hugs, as long as u play ur heart out on the floor… but i like to see respect between players, even in the middle of the series… it shows maturity… but w/e, that’s just my opinion

    this is more a discussion about perception than anything else, and i can give a shit about perception

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