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Arnie’s Optimistic
Keith Langlois writes on

“What I am suggesting is that – the miracles of modern medicine and the mystical healing power of Arnie Kander aside – it sounds wildly optimistic to me that Billups will be ready to go in Game 4. I’d say it’s dicey he gets back for Game 5 on Tuesday.

Then again, Kander radiated optimism, by all accounts, on Thursday. Though Billups said his hamstring was sore, Kander told reporters that because the injury occurred almost in slow motion Billups stretching out gradually – as opposed to a sprinter straining the muscle through violent and explosive movement, it should not be nearly as arduous a recovery.

Pistons Optimistic Billups will play
A. Sherrod Blakely from MLive writes

“I’ve seen about 2,000 hamstrings,” said Arnie Kander, Detroit’s strength and conditioning coach. “I look at this as being nothing more than what we’ve seen in the past. Because of the slowness of the movement; because of the nature of what occurred, him being able to pull out of it and the fact that he feels this morning the same as he did last night. that’s a great sign. Usually the next morning, you feel worse.”

5 Responses to "Chauncey Update"
  1. ric says:

    nat, thanks for the update…like arnie said, thats a good sign and good news for us!!! similar to what i’ve emailed you about the hamstring, billups would be in constant agony (grade c hamstring) if its something serious, hopefully its just a grade a and won’t get worse turning into grade b.

  2. ric says:

    can somebody plz tell me what the hell were magic fans were holding last night???? was that a tiny fan? i just don’t get it, it must be an orlando thing…..

  3. Mark says:

    I just read the article. I feel much better about Chauncey now. Even if he doesn’t play much the next game his presence will be helpful to the team. I hope we go in good and mad and take it to them.

  4. The Fluidics says:

    Hmm, the question is, can Detroit beat the Magic in game 4, without Chauncey?
    I think they can, but if Chauncey can go, it doesn’t mean he has to start, or play 35 minutes. If Chauncey is 75-80%, I say he plays, in short minutes. Sit Jarvis, activate Lindsey. If Detroit can come out of Orlando with a split, it puts all the pressure in the world on the Magic.

    I understand the concern of resting Billups for the ECF, or finals, but he’ll be resting for nothing if they don’t get past the Magic.

  5. Jess says:

    Just knowing his injury is not that bad puts a smile on my face. DET can win with or without CB though its just a little harder… but we’ll defenitly need him for next round!

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