3 Responses to "Why The Pistons Will Win The Championship"
  1. Richard says:

    nat, theres no doubt about it. pistons bench is beyond productive…there’s so many weapons, from defense perspective to offense perspective. pistons bench doesn’t just maintain the lead, they take over the games in their hands. offcourse, all these are based on regular season game and we know postseason vs regular season is like night and day. but i have a lot of confidence in them, given the fact the young guys are surronded by veterans. i don’t care who it is (phil, toronto, washington, atlanta)but i wouldn’t be surprise in the first round, that minutes of vets/rookies would reflect similar to a regular season game.

  2. mannie32 says:

    totally random observation, but i just noticed that not only does maxiell have that gap between his two front teeth… so does stuckey AND hayes… we just need two more players in pistons history with that and we can make an all-time pistons madonna team (why madonna? she has the same thing)

  3. Dominic says:


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