Knicks get their 8th road win at The Palace

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Can’t say much about this game that you probably don’t already know. When Detroit has just 34 points at halftime, at The Palace against one of the worst teams in the league, you can see the signs coming for miles. A valiant effort from The Zoo Crew to make the score respectable and maybe even come away with the win was all you could ask for Tuesday night.

Rather than give you my standard post game recap I’ll recap a bit of what it was like to be at The Palace for the All Time Pistons Team ceremony. And what you may have missed from the broadcast.

Rodney Stuckey
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The video is coming, so until I have it ready for you I will tell you why Detroit lost this game to Isiah and The Knicks.

You are never supposed to break your routines right? Athletes are superstitious, so why did Rasheed opt to let Rodney Stuckey do the post introduction dance in the middle of the circle? Don’t get me wrong, Stuck did a fine job, but if Sheed is there, and he can stand upright, he should be doing what he does. Don’t switch things up now.

I will also take a little of the blame because I pretty much declared a victory before I left for the game. Despite the loss and Detroit’s play, I had one of the best times I have ever had at the Palace that wasn’t related to The Larry O’Brien.

5 Responses to "Knicks get their 8th road win at The Palace"
  1. illmatic774 says:

    worst time of the season, when it comings to the actual games, unless its to see the zoo crew.

    no one cares playing, and nobody really wants to watch.

    hurry up playoffs.

  2. mobius909 says:


    7 players in double figures, max had a double double. Johnson had a pretty massive game too. But its so quiet.

    Agreed, playoffs already.

  3. ayjay009 says:

    the rest of the games dont bother me no more!!

    go pistons!!!11

  4. khajatiger says:

    God come on playoffs!!! Time is moving slower and slower everyday I wake up!!!! But once the playoffs are here, IT’S GAME TIME!!!!! (only sucks I got exams the first week of the playoffs. Oh well)

  5. mr_miyagi says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say N4S is predominately an under 20 crowd?

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