Golden State of Mind knows how to do it up right!

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The Pistons are taking on The Golden State Warriors tonight and one of the best basketball blogs on the internet, Golden State of Mind, along with Need4Sheed will be well represented at the game tonight with this……

N4S and GSoM

Tony.psd, who does a fantastic job with the graphics on GSoM, was nice enough to include Team Need4Sheed during tonights contest. Keep an eye out for Tony and his signage tonight while your watching the game. Hopefully we can get a clip of him displaying them proudly.

N4S and GSoM sign

Golden State of

This is going to be a tricky one for the Pistons. Besides the fact that Chauncey, Stuckey and Dyess are hurting, The Warriors have completely owned the Pistons. The good and bad… The Warriors have yet to win a ballgame this season, so The Pistons better watch out. I would love to take this one, especially the way The Pistons played last night and the fact that I can’t remember the last time we beat Golden State.

As always, leave ’em in the comments. And thanks again to Tony.psd, who made the great signs, and the whole crew over at Golden State of Mind.

UPDATE: Blaha and Special K just announced in the pre game show that McDyess and Chauncey WILL NOT play tonight.

65 Responses to "Golden State of Mind knows how to do it up right!"
  1. jess says:

    Those are really nice signs. Thank you for not tryna diss us but instead, include us. Those signs are great.


  2. santa says:

    well, this match has a “friendly” feeling to it…I don’t care if we win or lose tonight, in fact, I’d rather lose and let Chauncey, and Dyess have some rest to prepare for the Lakers friday. Wait, shit, I take that back. I’d still want to win tonight without draining CB and AM, yea, greedy i know. Let’s go, Detroit!

  3. Amanda says:

    Good timing on starting a new thread, Natalie. Things were starting to get a little heated in the last one…lol

    I’ll definitely be on the lookout for the signs. I didn’t even realize there was a game tonight until earlier today. A 10:30 tipoff? That means it probably won’t be over until about 12:45ish and then there’s postgame stuff that’s always a must-see for me and I have to get up at 6 AM for school. I hope we get a win or tomorrow’s going to be a LONG day.

    Here’s to starting a new winning streak! CHEERS!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Let’s put the “D” back in Dee-troit basketball. The sooner the better! We need to get back to defense, we need to find some rebounds, we need to remember the ol’ team spirit. Go get’em boys!! Hope Chauncey and Dyess are doing ok. said it is up in the air for both of them for tonight’s game. It’s ok with me if they don’t play much (or even at all) if it means a full and speedy recovery for them.

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Nice. TONY has talent!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Nice signs.
    But has anyone notice the calls on most games lately even Professional football. Has the leagues really cleaned up their act or is the same shit still going on despite the indictment?

    This was on yahoo news today:
    18 nabbed in Atlantic City gambling bust and here is the link:

    Sports gambling is a billion dollar underground business and who knows how much Vegas takes in legally. Too many weird calls.
    I hope the FBI continue to do their job and get the rest of these people and let the players play the game!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    man you talk 2 much

    no wait you talk 6 much


  8. Jeff says:

    I’m definitely not missing tonight’s game. I haven’t missed one yet so I am not going to start now. I have a good feeling about this one tonight. Any word yet on CB and AM’s status for tonight’s game?

  9. World of Isaac says:

    damn…without chauncey and dice, this could be ugly

  10. claire says:

    whatever, I’d rather have them rested than risking needless injuries again. Sheed at the point! Sheed at the point! LOL just kidding. Let’s go, Detroit!

  11. jeff says:

    Not how I wanted to start this game…MAX IS A BEAST!!!

  12. Amanda says:

    Tayshaun should of started at P and Hayes at SF.

    And what the shit? I thought the Warriors were supposed to suck at rebounding.

    There goes Rip missing another point blank layup.

  13. Steve says:

    This could be a long night… and I can’t stay up 3 nights in a row for left coast basketball. So here’s to hoping we get our s**t together tonight and there’s some good highlights I can catch on tv tomorrow.

  14. Jeff says:

    This my be a game to just soon forget…we look exhausted. Six days off for the Warriors? That’s not fair, schedulers bit us in the ass big time.

  15. Amanda says:

    Another missed layup for Rip…

    oh, but he made 1 that time!!

  16. Amanda says:


  17. Amanda says:

    I don’t like people who jack up 3s left and right. Oh, unless their name is Carlos Delfino… haha

  18. jeff says:

    Baron Davis…nothing you can do but hope he misses!

  19. claire says:

    25-40? WTF? let’s save some face and pull the starters out, give them some rest. Let our bench play so they can learn. And we won’t feel as bad.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Get the bench out there. Amir, Affalo, Hayes, Max, and Rip…just run the young guys vs these guys

  21. Amanda says:

    Throwing the young guys out there and resting the starters for the game now will only make it look lik the the Pistons are conceeding defeat.

    GO AMIR!

  22. santa says:

    everybody’s missing shots tonight, not just our usual sharpshooter Richard.

  23. Amanda says:

    Just keep missing, GS, just keep missing…

  24. claire says:

    you know what, I think you’re right, Amanda! Shame on me for taking the easy way out. I take my comment back. If we’re gonna lose, we’re gonna lose fighting. GO RIPSTER!

  25. Amanda says:

    That’s right, ‘Sheed. That ball don’t lie!

  26. Amanda says:

    I absolutely HATE teams like this. If this is truly the future of the NBA, and it’s going to be all run and gun shit, I might not be a fan for much longer.

  27. Anonymous says:

    How is this team 0-5?

  28. uyen says:

    I can’t bare to watch the game!!!

  29. Amanda says:

    anony 11:28

    I don’t know but I’m sick of teams with shit records getting the best of the Pistons.

  30. Amanda says:

    I’m not sure I really want to see the signs anymore. lol

    Call me a poor sport, but I officially hate the Warriors.

  31. claire says:

    seriously, why do the Pistons play so horribly against teams with shitty records? I can’t watch this any longer, hopefully when I come back from studying, I will see good news. STAY STRONG!

  32. Amanda says:

    ^ For sure. I have homework I should be doing but despite how poorly we’re playing (another free throw missed), I can’t seem to tear myself away from the TV…

  33. uyen says:

    On my Iphone right leaving a comment on my favorite website at the Warriors game in Oakland with Sheed’s jersey on. They are loving me right now.

  34. Amanda says:


    For the 2nd:

    Tayshaun at P, Hayes and SF, everybody defends their own damn man!! What’s with all the helping? Keep to your man and get a hand in his face.

  35. uyen says:

    at least we are only down by 13pts.

  36. Amanda says:

    Not the best way to start the second…

  37. Amanda says:

    Muuuuuuch better, boys. Detroit Basketball is by far the prettiest basketball ever!

  38. Amanda says:

    Sheed shoulda shot that.

  39. uyen says:

    That shot from sheed was hella sweet

  40. Amanda says:


  41. Amanda says:


  42. Amanda says:


  43. Amanda says:



  44. Anonymous says:

    Rasheed is the man!!!

  45. Anonymous says:

    i say mcdyess should go back to the role he like sbetter as the 6th man, and maxiel start!!!

  46. Mark says:

    What a bench!!! No Chauncey. No McDyess. Pistons!!!!

  47. Amanda says:

    What? 14 and 12 assists for Flurray?! OWW OWW!

  48. taucute says:

    We still win~~~~~~awesome game~~~

  49. Anonymous says:

    mickey york after the game on post game said the pistons had a need for sheed… got that right!

    what a ggame!

  50. Amanda says:

    What the fuck? 7-0 for the Celtics? Somebody needs to take those sons down!

  51. uyen says:

    Not sure i’m gonna make it out of oakland alive

  52. Richie says:

    The entire second half all I could think of was the trade rumors that kept circulating about getting rid of Mr. Wallace. I’m so glad Lindsey Hunter got some PT. The team has now won 100% of the games he’s played in this season! 😀

  53. Anonymous says:


    wow, you fans are obviously not that optomistic. i didn’t “not watch” or complain that this is going to be an ugly game. I love these games where we come back.

    Never give up….it’s not over till’ it’s over.


    6-2 (just what i predicted)

  54. Amanda says:

    Whoa, was Flip just talking about Flip? I missed it.

  55. Natalie says:

    WOW is all I can say right now, gutsy effort from the boys! When Sheed takes over like that we are unstoppable.

    Uyen let us know that your ok!

    Most defiantly a Need4Sheed.

  56. Amanda says:

    Flip looks like he’s wearing metallic eye shadow. lol

  57. claire says:

    holy freaking cow! Here I am, at the library trying to study for my test, and I decided to look up the score. When I saw 111-104, I was like “well, at least they didn’t lose by 30”, Then it hit me that Detroit is 111. I gasped so loud that people around me were like “what the heck is wrong with her?” Job well done.

  58. Amanda says:

    ^ Good luck with your studying. I still have half an outline for a speech to do but as always, when the Pistons are the the TV, my eyes are glued to the screen.

    Good game and good night, all.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Wow, we lose to PORTLAND and then come back from a 22 pt deficit w/o Billups or McDyess. If we can only stay on THAT side, we are Finals bound.

  60. uyen says:

    Nat,i made it home ok. Thanks.

  61. Anonymous says:

    I liked the no quit the guys showed tonight. It was an ugly first half but they never gave up and that was impressive. I hope they remember this if it happens again. Not a lot of quality teams are going to allow that kind of comeback, but I want the guys to remember that it can be done if they keep their composure, stay focused, and don’t panic.

    GO PISTONS!!!!

  62. claire says: pointed out something interesting, all 3 starters got 22 points, and the final score was 111. Oh, it’s meant to be baby! they all deserve a good night of sleep in their super king size beds with Egyptian cotton sheets, in a 5 star hotel. Good night!!

  63. Steve says:

    Ok so I stay up 2 nights this week to watch basketball and both are losses… I go to bed last night at 11:30 and we come back from 22 down… coincidence? I hope not, cause I wanna watch my Pistons.

    That was a friggin amazing comeback and at least for day I’ll put both feet back in the Flip Murray bandwagon. It seems he plays a helluva lot better as a PG when he starts vs. off the bench… anyone else seem to think that too?

  64. claire says:

    hey, just revealed the all-star list and all 5 of our starters are on it. Let’s get them all to New Orleans this year! How/when do you vote, does anyone know?

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