Pistons will negotiate extension for McDyess

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“McDyess has a player option for next season that would pay him $6.37 million. It is doubtful he would leave that on the table to seek another deal. Even if he was thinking that way, Pistons president Joe Dumars isn’t going to let it happen.

“We have no intention of letting him leave here. I am just as committed to keeping Dyess here as I am keeping Chauncey (Billups).” Via The Detroit News

6 Responses to "Pistons will negotiate extension for McDyess"
  1. Anonymous says:


  2. jessica says:

    that makes me sooo happy!! 🙂

    all smilezzzz :}

  3. Anonymous says:

    to tell you the truth i hope there are absolutely NO CHANGES whatsoever to the detroit pistons team from this season to next season.. i think we are absolutely perfect* :]

  4. shatia says:

    Thats great news considering the great player that Dice is. Hes one of the greatest 6th men of htis time. I think since we lost Ben (not that it was a bad thing but sad)we should afford both Chauncy and Dice. The thing im qustioning is weather webber is staying here next season or not. I mean he shows and always say he loves it here and always wanted to play for his home town team but i read somewher that he really is interested in becoming a Laker. Anyways im so glad bout the news bout Dice. Thatjust made my day.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am happy that he wants to keep chauncey and dice Joe nows what players we can lose and what ones we can’t. I really think the team we have is a good one. I hope we keep everyone I know that won’t happen but I really do.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ya, i think webber is out of here. Can’t say that i’ll miss him. Guy has been a bad luck charm everywhere he’s been. Never can seal the deal. and you know DP doesnt play for 2nd place.

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