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  • Detroit Bad Boys points out that Rip Hamilton surpassed Joe Dumars in Playoff scoring and Grant Hill is pointing fingers at the Pistons for his injuries.
  • Need4Sheed reader Amanda pointed out a great piece on about the Pistons.
  • Henry Abbott of True Hoop interviews Josh Howard.
  • Darko and Turkoglu are leading the NBA in Playoff field goal percentage. The Pistons need to put back the “D” in Defense and shut them down, but it could be the fact that they are already doing a number on Dwight Howard.
  • The Magic will try to contain Sheed.
  • Terry Foster talks game three. Apparently The Magic are trying to rattle Rip’s shot by knocking him to down.
  • McDyess is struggling with his shot.
  • George Blaha gives his thoughts on the first two playoff games.
  • Tayshaun says, “The thing about it when you go on the road,” Tayshaun Prince said, “it’s us against everybody else. You go out there and that’s how you play. With the guys we have, when you hear the boos and you hear the negative things about (Rasheed Wallace) and myself and whoever, it maybe gives you the extra boost to go out there and try to get the win.”
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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Gilliss says:

    I’m so excited that they’re going to make an effort to shut down Sheed. That’s only going to fire him up more, and he will be unstoppable!

  3. pistons tiil the daii ii diie says:

    you know i love our boyzzzz… you know i do!!!

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Amanda says:

    3 hours ’til tipoff…

    Here’s to ending the Game 3 losing streak! CHEERS!

  6. Anonymous says:

    “I’m Tayshaun Prince, and I know a little something about blocking unwanted shots”

  7. jess says:


    “You know what the NBA officials need to do? They need to close their mothes!”
    (after sheeds tech)

    “The officials need to know we are not here to watch them, we are here to watch the players!”
    (after the dyess foul)

    gotta love him.. he’s tryna so hard to point it out!

  8. jess says:


  9. jess says:

    the first quote might have been after the davis tech…

    lots of techs >:0

  10. Anonymous says:

    man.. theres a word i wanna use for all these techs we’re getting… but i just dont know how to say it!!

    ohh yea…


    geezz can someone tell me what exactly dice did besides drop the ball and walk away?!? and pleaseee tell me why theyre going so hard on the pistons.. i mean did anyone watch dallas vs gs yesterday?!? it took them foreverrr to issue a tech… man they make me sooo mad !

  11. Anonymous says:



  12. Amanda says:

    Blaha made those comments? Seriously? Man, I’m so pissed that I don’t get myTV20. I had to listen to Kerr on TNT…

    That block on Hill by ‘Dyess was 5 kinds of pretty!

  13. Anonymous says:

    it seems some pistons fans took over their house in the end~

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