Sheed Air Force 1 All Star Edition

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Even though Sheed didn’t make the All Star Game this season it didn’t stop Nike from putting out a All Star edition of Sheed’s signature shoe. According to these are Hyperstrike Editions and should be very hard to come by.

11 Responses to "Sheed Air Force 1 All Star Edition"
  1. Anonymous says:

    These shoes are a ripoff! What, 120.00+ $$$ for these, that were probally made for penny’s in China by child laborers. Makes me sick. I boycott Nike. You ask why? Cause some greedy rich fat asshole is sitting back in his yacht drinking 1000$ wine, while these kids are sweating there butts off in China to produce these shoes. People are more stupid for buying them, yet alone advertising them on this website.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So don’t buy ’em, jackass.

  3. Junior says:

    ^^^^Thats old news!! We all know how much they are made for. We know who makes them. We know the mark up is ridiculous. But the shoes are dope and we are consumers. We buy shit we don’t need. Its the american way. Go to China and bitch cause we don’t wanna hear it.

  4. lyndakay says:

    For the record, I just got Chauncey’s Vegas edition Adidas for $200. The smallest size they make was a size too big for me, but I bought them because I love Chauncey. And I could.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “Prince said the break has given players a chance to work on different things. After missing two late free throws in the win over Chicago, Prince stayed after practice nearly an hour shooting free throws with assistant coach Ron Harper. “

    ^^awwww dedicated player :]

    haha theseee are defff the shoes my boyfriend has been talking about .. he wants them baddd

  6. Anonymous says:

    sorry i know this is off topic..but i foudn this picture of the pistons when they were meeting george bush after they won nba champs…

    ^^ hahaha check out how sheed is staring at bushhh compared to everyone else hah

    too funny!

  7. Anonymous says:

    6:20 and 6:21 are idiots who are making fat bastard rich while they become poor. SUCKERS!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who buys shoes for over 100 dollars is completely stupid!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    yea its pretty obvious the last two comments are from the same guy who has been causing a bunch of drama in this post and the previous one

    can we be a little more mature and just stick to the main subject rather than insults????

  10. Anonymous says:

    im sick of all the negative talk..dont complain about the price….you dont have to buy them!! &&thats the same prices for Tmac, lebrons, and everyone else. The arguing is getting really immature and annoying. natalie is trying to let fans know all the stuff about the pistons…she works hard and for you to comment on dissing sheeds’ shoes is just pathetic.


  11. Mike D. says:


    Damn, isn’t it past your bedtime kid?

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