TNT Speculates about Iversons future

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I received an email from a employee of TNT’s Media division about the future of AI.

“Thursday evening during TNT’s coverage of the San Antonio Spurs @ New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets game, NBA Insider David Aldridge reported on the latest developments in the Philadelphia 76ers quest to trade superstar guard Allen Iverson. Also commenting were TNT analysts Doug Collins, John Thompson (Iverson’s former college coach at Georgetown U.) and Reggie Miller.Read MORE

2 Responses to "TNT Speculates about Iversons future"
  1. Anonymous says:

    I really think that they should go find Allen talk to him and get him back on the team. It is a fact that they can not win without him so it was not AI giving up on the team that has made them lose. I really that AI loves playing this game and even think he would be happy to play until the trade. I do not see him as a guy who would give up and not play on the court with everything he has, he is just that kind of player. I know his off court has not been very great but I really think he would be there for the team if they have him play until he is traded. What can the team lose now they are still paying him to sit at home.

  2. Anonymous says:

    He needs a fresh start with a new team like Sheed did.

    If he is spending that much time at Borgata, Atlantic City than on the basketball court, his heart is not there anymore.

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