Rasheed Wallace Has Charisma

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Another reason to love Sheed you say. Aren’t there too many to count already? Yes, but here is another. Local Pistons affiliate myTV 2o Detroit has had the Pistons starters doing the team introductions from time to time. Nobody shines more than Rasheed does as he announces his fellow teammates with style and flair, including himself of course.

Video courtesy of myTV 2o Detroit

Roscoe you ask? Yes, that’s Sheed’s nickname he got from a fellow teammate in Portland simply because Rasheed looked like a guy he once knew named Roscoe. Now that one would only stick in Sheed’s world.

7 Responses to "Rasheed Wallace Has Charisma"
  1. Anonymous says:

    laughin my asssss off… I LOVE RASHEEEEEEED BABY.. this is why hes my favorite player too and always have been (since he came to the pistons of course)… that is just a class act.. LOVE IT!!!!

  2. Junior says:

    mr “thesheedabides” me and you got a problem buddy. Don’t say how you like how everyone is cool with each other on this site, then go and talk shit. thats a punk ass move. Your mad cause no one agrees with anything you say. Especially me. Don’t try to be cool on the internet cause your not cool in real life. now I aint trying to be an internet tough guy but if you got a problem then let me know. I am not hard to find. So sorry Natalie but hes a hoe, and he knows it. delete this if you want

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just wanted to say the Holiday Theme is SHEEDTASTIC! Well done.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nat.. I dont know if you visit other teams offical (NBA) websites?.. I do… once in a great, great while.. most of the time just to see what their daily question is.. well i did today and the Cleveland Cavs had a good question.. check it out and view the results.. and also the Phonix Suns had a nice little song on there about their team before entering the site.

  5. theSHEEDabides says:

    junior needs a time out

    Mrs. theSHEEDabides, thank you.

  6. Junior says:

    Mrs.? Well now everthing is making sense. You know I was gonna tell you, when I thought you were a man, to STOP acting like a little woman. But now I realize you can’t help it. You made a personal attack that was uncalled for. Just cause I don’t agree with you? Don’t mention me again.

  7. theSHEEDabides says:

    It’s not THAT you disagree, it’s HOW you disagree.

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