14 Responses to "Carlos Delfino Wallpaper"
  1. The Detroit Kid says:

    Nice, I have to put this up considering Delfino’s recent performance. I hope we see more solid work from Delfino.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nat.. check out the pistons official website (pistons.com) the daily pictures has a boy with one of your shirts on!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:


    ITS A MUST!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Anonymous says:

    Nat.. can you by any chance make a wallpaper with the new starting lineup???

    (i hope its not too much to ask)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Oh your gonna regret that wall paper….ha way to go delfi

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, this is a really ironic day to present us with his wallpaper! all the same, it looks nice!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Delfino sucks he made us loose our channce at winning this game at the end. I know the pistons did not play very well tonight but waht was up with that foul, I have seen him do this way too many times he makes soo mnay stupid fouls. I am not happy and what is up with tayshaun he needs to do something about his play and fast. He looks mad out there and that is just not tayshaun.

  8. Natalie says:

    You cant blame it all on Delfino… The rest of the Pistons did their share in this loss. 19 Turnovers…Now no Chauncey time to buckle down.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I did not blame it all on him, the pistons blew a good lead in the second. I blame for the most part this on flip and the way he did his rotation and leaving carlos in at the end when everyone knows he is way too aggressive. This is not the first time carlos as fouled when he should not of. He is an ok player and needs lots of work and should not have been in there at the end.

    Tonights game the ball was just not going in the net. Shots were going in and coming right back out. Tayshaun did not shoot well, either did chauncey or rip. Sheed was not feeling well so was not a factor in this game at all. Nazr player well with only playing 17+ minutes, which I am not sure why he still only gets small minutes when he is playing well. Max played hard and even got us back in the game at one point. Will even with no points played well ( see him being a good point) murray needds to go he has had his chances but just does not fit right with the pistons. depree got to play 1 sec. I would like to see more of him and what he can bring us. Anyway this is my look at the game. WEll play the suns tomorrow and well just don;t see us winning if we play the way we have been. Pistons have the number one spot in their div and are not playing like they want it.

  10. Matt Gibson says:

    great wallpaper. Its my current one now.

  11. Natalie says:

    Thanks Matt

  12. Anonymous says:

    wats with delfino taking all the clutch 3s, in the game against the suns he threw up a few as the game was ending, he hit 1 of em but i don’t reali like seeing him taking those kinda shots, Rip was hot give it too him, and wats with the 3 point shooting in that game poor poor poor, tay sheed i expect better, n Rip i guess aswell

  13. Anonymous says:

    Okay, For all you little haters out there. We don`t care what you think about him. I love him. He is soo sexyy and you just have to give him a chance. He will come around. Delfino is`nt a bad player. He just needs to pratice, && he needs more time. OKay. now I said my peace.=]

    Love Ms.Courtney lynn. Dearbornn mi =]

  14. Anonymous says:

    Ok all you haters, Delfino is the hottest and sexiest guy I have ever seen,and he can dunk man.So he messed up once, big deal.I LOVE YOU DELFINO

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