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“A more likely deal I could see going down closer to the trading deal is a straight-up swap of Flip Murray for Bonzi Wells. It’s no secret that the Pistons have loved Bonzi for quite some time now. If he would have opted out of the final year of his contract in Sacramento, Detroit was prepared to offer him a multi-year deal worth more than $30 million. And this summer, had Ben Wallace returned to Detroit, a similar deal to the one the Pistons offered Nazr Mohammed, would have been there for Wells to take. It’s pretty clear that Murray’s just not working out in Detroit, and Bonzi’s issues in Houston have been well-documented as well. There’s nothing to do this right now, but like I said earlier, do not be shocked if talks begin to heat up as we move closer to the Feb. 22 trading deadline.” Via A. Sherrod Blakley @ MLive

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  1. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Fingers Crossed

  2. Avatar Anonymous says:

    I hope this happens if it will help us out in the playoffs. I would like murray to just start playing well and then he could stay where he is but if he does not we need to have someone on our bench to run this team when chancey and rip are out. We have a few injurys this year and hope that is the end of it but if something were to happen we do need to have that person to step in out back court shoes as well we needs someone who can run the floor when the back court needs a rest. Flip seems to be a good player but he just does not seem to like his roll with Detroit and it shows it in his play. He knew coming to Detroit he would be coming off the bench as well he also should have known that Sanders likes to play his starters more than his bench. Sanders has be doing a good getting the bench minutes but he also says you must earn the minutes you play and flip just does not. All this should not come to his surprise everyone who watches a pistons game knows this, even if y ou are not a fan.

  3. Avatar Junior says:


  4. Avatar Anonymous says:

    If we get Bonzi we are winning the ‘ship.. Mark my word…

  5. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Well I am drunk right now and somehow my friends and I came across this site. We really like what we see and have spent a long time reading everything you guys have posted. I think the personwho started this site should be proud of herself because this is the best site i have seen for any basketball team. The pistons are a very great thing to basketball and in our minds have done a lot for this game. Please keep up what your are doing.

  6. Avatar Anonymous says:

    as a portland resident i watched the chemistry ‘sheed and bonzi had on the floor. they both like to have fun, and they are both emotional, explosive players. i’d like to see that again, but is he right for detroit? could the zany, anti-basketball-establishment antics of sheed and bonzi be too much for detroit (losing the balance the two wallaces brought to the front court)? time will tell.

  7. Avatar Anonymous says:

    i hate to be a party pooper but the way flip is playing and after what i saw from bonzi wells tonight while they played the spurs its no way in hell they would trade wells for flip bonzi was bustin manu ginobli ass tonight

  8. Avatar Anonymous says:

    just have to say the holiday theme is HOTTTTT

  9. Avatar theSHEEDabides says:

    Bonzi was busting Ginobli’s chops too. In the forum, we were discussing the prospects of Randolf coming to the Pistons–don’t know where that rumor came from. Bonzi would also be a perfect fit and the Pistons should go after him aggressively.

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