Wallace has felt unfairly singled out by team rules

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More on the clash between Scott Skiles and Ben Wallace.

According to league and Bulls sources, Wallace has felt unfairly singled out by team rules that have taken away his pregame music, his headband and his tape-free ankles.

Sources said Wallace became upset early in training camp when Skiles enforced a team rule to tape ankles. Wallace never taped his ankles when he played for Detroit.

Wallace left practice to get his ankles taped and, unaccustomed to being constricted, had trouble running and sat out most of the practice, the sources said.

Less than a week later, Wallace hooked his MP3 player into a docking station to play music in the locker room before the first home exhibition game. Asked then if he now allowed pregame music inside the locker room, Skiles said he was unaware any was playing.

By the next home exhibition game, Wallace had headphones connected to his MP3 player. The headphones hung from a hook in his locker, with the volume turned up so loudly that music clearly emanated from them throughout the locker room.

Several people within the organization, including players, theorized Wallace was marking his turf for what perhaps was an inevitable clash between two strong-willed men.

Less than three weeks after being hired in 2003, Skiles uttered this classic quote in regard to a standoff with Eddie Robinson: “I’ve never lost a battle of wills in my life. And I don’t plan on doing it now.”

Wallace, who called himself “stubborn” in the preseason, clearly viewed his decision to wear a headband as payback. Via Chicago Sports.com

I think the headband rule is somewhat ridiculous, but it’s a team rule nonetheless. I do think a player has a right to tape his ankles or not. Ben was with the Pistons for six seasons and I can’t remember one time that he rolled an ankle.

I am sure it runs deeper than this. I wish Ben the best but ever since he started to pout in Orlando and wouldn’t re-enter the game I had my doubts about his character. Though I still believe he’s a stand up guy, maybe there is a side of him we fans didn’t get to see.

I think Ben will be just fine, he won’t let something like this jeopardize his playing career, at least I hope not.

8 Responses to "Wallace has felt unfairly singled out by team rules"
  1. Anonymous says:

    I really think that Skiles has a problem to be in power but he is the coach and he decides whe you et to play so well ben is going to have to start listening to the rules if he wants to play. I don’t agree with the rules he has like no music or no handbands not even the taping of ankles but he is the coach. Ben is kind of pig headed in the way that if things dont go his way he takes fits, I really think he wanted the pistons to pay for all the changes that flip was making and that is why he went to the bulls he wanted to show them they were nothing with the D but he was been wrong we are starting to get along fine with out him.

    I really hope that Ben can find his game again and things start to turn around for him, I guess ben losing his music, his head and arm bands and him having to tape is ankles is just like Sheed losing his right to express himself when a bad call is called. You just have to adjust to the rules and find you game doing so.

  2. Anonymous says:

    shit good im glad ben and skiles cant get along thats what ben gets for leaving detroit and thats what chicago get now they stuck with his declining playing ass they wasted 60 mil hahahahahahaha

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can he by ANY chance come back to detroit before the four years are up??????

  4. Anonymous says:

    only if we trade for him, which I don;t thin we will since we would even pay him the 60 M in the first place as well after him leaving with out even saying anything to Joe to let him know what his intention were at least when Grant left he went to Joe and told him he was going to the magic so Joe would work out a sign and trade, ben did nto even give Joe the change. We got Ben because og Grant going to Joe if he had not of we wouldn’t even have had the years with ben. Ben turned his back on the pistons the only team who gave him a home.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ben’s not coming back and nobody besides Chicago is going to foot the bill for him. He will have to put up with Skiles silly rules, or get used to being on the bench, like he was with Orlando. Chicago payed a lot of money for him to be their biatch, so he better get used to it.

    I do miss him on the Pistons, but the team was obviously strong enough to recover from the loss. They may even be better now.

  6. Rani Mays says:

    you are right because I think tey may even be better, but any way, SKILES IS a dumb person, why would he think the head band is “rediculous”, you know what I think he is rediculous!!! Ben I hope you come back to the pisons nxt year.

  7. Anonymous says:

    skiles and stern must be best friends.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Trade him for D. Davis. Chicago needs an expiring contract ­čśë Oh yea..and make Chicago pick up half of Ben’s contract…All so he can come back and sit on the bench BEHIND Mad Max!


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