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Pistons.com did played the Word Association game with Hall of Famer Joe Dumars. They did one set for his Teammates and another for Opponents. My favorite has to be when they gave Joe the word Whiniest and he answered Danny Ainge. That’s saying something when NBA’s nice guy calls you a whiner.

I remember those times well, I can just see Ainge right now with a sour look on his face complaining to the refs. On quite a few occasions I could have sworn he was going to burst out in tears.

Come to think about it, I have a few of these. Maybe I can get a buck or two for them on eBay. I am sure many people don’t know that he played for the Toronto Blue Jays before he changed careers. Any takers Celtics Fans?

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2 Responses to "Word Association"
  1. Basketbawful says:

    You know, it never fails to amaze me that Danny ended up being remember as the whiniest guy of that era. Didn’t anyone watch the 80s Lakers? Every time a call didn’t go his way, Kareem looked like someone shoved a 200 pound lemon into his mouth. He’d squint, shake his head, throw his arms in the air, and actually STOMP AROUND THE COURT. But no one remembers that. Nor, seeminly, do they remember how James Worthy would flop around on the court like a suffocating fish if when he got fouled or knocked down.

    I think it hurt Danny’s case that he he had that boyish, “Richie Rich’s best friend” face.

  2. Natalie says:

    I do remember the lakers and I agree about Kareem not that you have reminded me but honestly there was always somthing about Ainge when he bitched about calls.

    “Richie Rich’s best friend” face.


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