For those of you who took Ben Wallace off your Christmas card list.

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For all the Detroit fans who aren’t pleased with Ben Wallace’s decision to leave the Pistons for greener pastures, I have made a T-Shirt so you can vent your frustrations. Check them out in the Official store. Before you send me bunch of hate mail, I myself am not mad at the man for cashing in, but I do think the T-Shirt is quite funny.

15 Responses to "For those of you who took Ben Wallace off your Christmas card list."
  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Love it!

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    this is so cool!!!

    from:sheed rules

  5. Anonymous says:

    C’mon now. Ben helped us win the 04 championship. Lay off his nutz! Y’all need to quit drinking your hatorade and be happy for the Ben.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m now less of a need4sheed fan because you dissed a former piston, who was an important part of the 04 championship, and 05 championship run. Posting stuff like this will get your website little respect, even from piston fans!A true piston fan does not do these kinds of things. GROW UP!

  7. Mark D says:

    I guess you don’t reed this site, Natalie has never said one bad word about Ben and even stuck up for him when many fans were mad. You ovbiously didn’t read the post either when she defends him. You people take things too seriously. I for one respect and admire ben and am happy for what he did for the Pistons, but the the Tshirt is damn funny.

    Keep up the good work Natalie!

  8. A True Need4Sheed says:


    Why don’t you Grow Up!

    It’s hilarious, I am sure you sit there and laugh at every other satirical piece on this website but as soon as something isn’t to your standards you’re not a fan of the site anymore. I didn’t see you crying when LeBron or DWade were dissed.

    I am a season ticket holder and I love Ben, I am going to be one of the many who give him a standing ovation when he comes back to the Palace, but when I saw this I couldn’t help but laugh.

    A True Need4Sheed fan not a Bandwagoner!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Great Nat. I am a number 1 Ben Wallace fan and I had to laugh at the t-shirt. Like my previous Need 4 Sheeder said, I’m gonna cheer for Ben’s personal success as a Bull but not the team. Keep up the good work Natalie. Your blog is the first place I check every morning. – “The Other Natalie”

  10. Anonymous says:

    True need4sheed and mark d both are true bandwagon jumpers!

  11. Anonymous says:

    HA! I love this T-Shirt! I still do admire Ben, and love him, and I understand why he sold out, this shirt is still funny!

  12. Anonymous says:

    hey anonumous at 4:01 u if any1 a bandwagon jumper its u so dont go diss on them i dont think ben should have not left and i was pissed but he went for the money i dont care hed did that tho but this shirt is funny come back when u older

    from:sheed rules

  13. Anonymous says:

    god major spelling error sry about that

    from:sheed rules

  14. daPRINCErules22 says:

    this shirt is pretty funny.
    but i still love ben, he did so much for our team. and we would’ve never won the ’04 championship w/o him. but still i hope the bulls suck!

  15. Kushtrim says:

    Yo you guys just mad cause big ben and the bulls shit on detroit this season. and the bulls have the best attendance record so shut the hell up

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